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4 of the Best Apartment Home Cleaning Products That You Can Buy on Amazon

Amazon is a great place to buy all kinds of things, including home cleaning supplies. In fact, Amazon has such a wide variety of cleaning goods, that you’re likely to come across a product or two that you’ve never seen before! Get your apartment home looking shiny and spotless this month with these products you can find on Amazon. Best of all, they’re all under 20 dollars, so you can freshen up your home at our community of Kessler Park apartments without betraying your budget.

Smoke Odor Exterminator Candle in Orange Lemon Splash

Price: $15.00

Don’t be fooled by the name of this candle – it may be formulated to mask smoke, but it also does a great job with pet-related smells and other odors that may come into your home. Amazon reviewers even compare this candle to spring cleaning in a jar, thanks to its zesty and fresh smell.

FURemover Pet Hair Removal Broom

Price: $12.44

You love your furry friends, but not the thick layer of fur that comes off on your clothing anytime you sit on your couch or layout on your bed. FURemover to the rescue! This handy tool resembles a miniature broom and helps you pick up every stray hair in your apartment.

CarGuys Super Cleaner

Price: $17.00

Your apartment isn’t the only space in need of a deep clean, just in time for summer. The CarGuys Super Cleaner formula is an all-over cleaner that can be used on leather, vinyl, carpet, upholstery, plastic, and rubber for a ride that you’ll want to show off.

Puracy Natural All-Purpose Multi-Surface Cleaner

Price: $11.98

Think that all-natural cleaning products don’t work? Think again! Amazon users give this all-natural cleaner from Puracy high marks and use it for everything, from tile and glass, to stainless steel, electronics, and even walls. Plus, it smells amazing, with a fresh green tea and lime scent.

Apartment living is all about a maintenance-free lifestyle, especially when it comes to our studio apartments in Dallas. At Skyline at Kessler Apartments in Dallas, Texas we go above and beyond to ensure that you have a completely stress-free day-to-day routine.

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