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Spend February 14th with Your Sweetheart at One of These Local and Scenic Parks

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? The most romantic day of the year is coming up soon, on February 14th. Whether or not you have date night plans in place, you can’t deny that DFW is home to many beautiful parks that can function as the perfect back-drop to an afternoon spent picnicking, riding bikes, or simply walking and talking with your sweetheart. Check out our ultimate list now!

Dragon Park
3520 Cedar Springs Road Oak
Dallas, Texas 75219

A quiet attraction meant for yoga and meditation and known to locals as Dragon Park, this small part of town is a little off the beaten path – but that’s just what makes it special for Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart. If your beloved likes to hang out in unique spaces, they’ll adore Dragon Park, which is home to an eclectic grouping of statues of dragons, fairies, gargoyles, Buddha heads, angels, and griffins. There’s also a terraced area with benches, which are perfect for a short picnic.

Trinity Park
2401 South University Drive
Fort Worth, Texas 76109

If your idea of a romantic Valentine’s Day involves taking it to the pavement for a long bike ride or fast-paced jog, head to Trinity Park in Fort Worth. It’s home to a 35-mile path that winds through various green spaces for a lengthy, yet beautiful, experience with your Valentine. If you’re spending your Valentine’s Day with your family, you’ll love to know that Trinity Park also has many play areas for kids and ample space to hold a picnic, play games outdoors, or simply lay under a tree and talk.

Reverchon Park
3505 Maple Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75219

For the couple who wants options, Reverchon Park is a Dallas delight. The park has been in operation for over 100 years and gives residents and tourists a first-rate recreational experience, with a long list of amenities for visitors to enjoy for free. Grill up a romantic dinner for two at one of Reverchon Park’s stations, take a seat under a shaded pavilion, or shoot a few hoops at their outdoor basketball court. There are also many other sports courts, hiking and biking trails, and a unique Hiking Yoga experience.

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